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Dr. Raffi Karapetian, D.O.



ATTENTION PATIENTS: Due to the recent COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we will temporarily be limiting our office visits to URGENT and EMERGENT visits only. Non-emergency appointments and surgeries will be rescheduled for a later date. Our phones will still be open and we would be happy to assist you in determining how urgently your eye condition needs to be seen. (CONTINUED)



(CONTINUED) This is the recommended course of action as directed by the Center for Disease Control, American Academy of Ophthalmology and Governor Evers. We feel that our community's health care is a group effort. This is one way our office is hoping to limit the spread of this infection. Please stay home, healthy and happy. Sincerely, Drs. Slana & Karapetian


Our Doctors

Our highly skilled doctors look forward to helping you. Dr. V. Stephen Slana has dedicated his career exclusively to the patients in the Kenosha area since joining the practice of Dr. James Ferwerda in 1992, and Dr. Karapetian has been practicing in Racine for the past few years, but relocated in Spring 2015 to join our practice.


Our Offices

Stop by and visit us! Our offices are located at 6125 Green Bay Rd, Suite 800 in Kenosha WI. We look forward to serving you.


Eye Surgery

Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons specialize in small incision, sutureless practices including YAG Laser for Cataract, Strabismus, Glaucoma and Eyelid surgeries.


Eye Disease

Your eye health is our top priority. At Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons, we treat common conditions and diseases of the eyes including: Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Red Eye, Macular Degeneration and Amblyopia.

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Why Kenosha Eye Care?

We strive to provide the best surgical and medical eye care with a personal touch. Here at Kenosha Eye Care, we go above and beyond to ensure patients see clearly as medically possible. Our doctors pride themselves in exceptional service. We not only diagnose patients with eye diseases, but also show and educate them - with the integration of state-of-art technology - the disease progress in your eyes and what treatments are needed.

We explain the science behind the diseases and work with you to treat the ocular diseases with surgeries, medications, and life-style changes.

The mission statement of the office is to provide the highest quality surgical and medical eye care.

Dr. V. Stephen Slana, M.D., S.C.

Dr. V. Stephen Slana, M.D., S.C.

Dr. V. Stephen Slana, M.D. completed his medical training at Loyola Medical School in 1988 and his ophthalmology surgical and medical residency from Loyola University Medical Center in 1992. He has active surgical privileges at Kenosha Memorial Hospital, St. Catherine's Hospital, and Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha, WI.

He has dedicated his career exclusively to the patients in the Kenosha area since joining the practice of Dr. James Ferwerda in 1992. He and his wife Jackie have made Kenosha home for their whole family. His medical training and technical background (B.S. in chemical engineering), provides the skills necessary to provide state of the art eye surgery along with many years of experience.

He has extended his commitment for serving the needs of patients by providing eye surgeries and medical care to third world countries with missions to St. Lucia, Nigeria, and an ongoing annual trip to Sebana Yegua in the Dominican Republic (since 2010). Dr. Slana volunteers his time and talents to help improve the quality of life of the people in these underserved places. The archdiocese of Milwaukee presented the Vatican II award in 2012 to Dr. Slana in recognition of his service to the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Raffi Karapetian, D.O.

Dr. Raffi Karapetian, D.O.

Patient Care Emphasis:

Dr. Karapetian completed his ophthalmology residency at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, OK. His high volume of surgical training had a strong emphasis on cataract surgery. He was practicing in Racine for the past few years, but relocated in Spring 2015 to join our practice. He has a desire to work in partnership with his patients to ensure compassionate, high quality medical and surgical eye care using the latest modern technology.

Surgical Interests:

  • Cataract surgery (standard and complex)
  • Eyelid tumor excisions
  • Blepharospasm/Hemifacial Spasms- Botox treatment

Dr. Karapetian is an Osteopathic physician, also known as a D.O. The osteopathic philosophy focuses on the unity of all body parts, identifying the musculoskeletal system as a key element of health. DOs take a “whole person” approach to medicine. They receive extra training in the neuro-muscular and musculoskeletal systems and osteopathic manipulative treatment, a practice in which osteopathic physicians use their hands both to encourage the body’s natural tendency toward good health and to diagnose illness and injury. DOs today practice and are licensed in every specialty field of medicine. Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury.